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Update with new blog from the meeting in Germany 2018 and other updates

There is now a new blog with updates from the meeting in Penzberg 2018. Other pages are updated and there is also added a page on Stereotypes

Update with presentations from the Norwegian meeting in September/ October 2017

New presentations of the partner schools are now uploaded to our project wiki. Presentations on how refugees are welcomed in our towns/countries are also uploaded on this page. Our students explored also some of the major countries our refugees originate from. These presentations are on this page.

European price for our French partner Lycée jean Moulin of Langon.

"A nice celebration of Europe !"
On May 9th 2017, for the Europe's day, MEBA has given for the first time its European prizes.
M. Alain Juppé, president of Bordeaux-Metropole, mayor of Bordeaux and former prime minister, presided over theceremony, an important moment when some people doubt about Europe.
The Prize for the European High School : Lycée Jean Moulin of Langon. The aim of the project LearnAIR/TeachAIR (2016-2018) is to be aware on the contribution of migrations to build the European identity, and to share good practices in order to improve the inclusion of foreign students in schools.
The team of Lycée Jean Moulin has associated to that prize the partners from Penzberg (Germany), Eisenstadt (Austria), Sandnes (Norway) and Sibiu (Romania).


Project meeting in France

Five schools from Sibiu in Romania, Eisenstadt in Austria, Penzberg in Germany, Langon in France and Sandnes in Norway have gained support from the Erasmus+ program to work on the project "LearnAIR/ TeachAIR: Awareness - Integration - Respect"
The background of this project is the current refugee crisis in Europe and how schools deal with new students in our schools.


We focus on Awareness on who we are, who are the migrants, but also a focus on historical migrations in our countries. The video under shows a perspective to today's migration in a historical view:

We are focusing on Integration - how our schools and local society are welcoming new arrivals, national, European and from other continents. An important aspect here is Respect for our values, by introducing migrants to common European values at the same time respecting their values and history.