Meeting in Penzberg, Germany September 2016

Planningmeeting2.jpgThe first meeting in the LearnAIR/ TeachAIR project were held with coordinators and teachers in Penzberg the last days of September 2016. In beautiful weather with view to the Alps the first year of work in the project was planed. Time was spent on planning the activities leading up to the first meeting with students and teachers in Sibiu, Romania in January 2017 and Langon, France in April 2017.

The second year of the project there will be meetings in Sandnes, Norway in September 2017, Penzberg, Germany in March 2018 and Eisenstadt, Austria in April 2018.

The meeting discussed also organisational questions regarding budget, dissemination, selection of students and implementation of the project in our respective partner schools. A special meeting with headmasters and coordinators are planned during the meeting in Langon, France in April 2017.

Each school presented for the other partners the current migration situation in their country and school, and how they worked with the available plans and resources.

The meeting was also a good arena for connecting new and old friends and partner schools across Europe. Together we cover a large part of Europe, from Sibiu in the east to Langon in the west, and Sandnes in the north to Penzberg and Eisenstadt in south.
Sindeldorf - Germany.jpg
Sindelsdorf, Germany - near Penzberg