Blogs from Romania January 2017

Here we will present blogs from the visiting student in Sibiu, Romania January 2017


Sunday, January 15

The journey to Romania started smoothly: We were taken to the airport by cab. Since the French and the Norwegians were scheduled on the same airplane, we had the chance to get to know them while waiting together at the gate. The flight took less than two hours, but when we arrived, it was already dark. A bus took us to the city where our host families were already waiting. They all gave us a warm welcome.

Monday, January 16

Today we all met at 9 o'clock at the school Onisifor Ghibu in Sibiu (Hermannstadt). It took some time until the participants from Norway, France, Austria, Germany and Romania had arrived. Then we went on a small tour around the school and had a look at some classrooms. After the tour, we met in the festival hall and the students of each country gave two presentations, one about their school, hometown and their country and one about immigration to their country in the past. Then we had two hours of freetime. We had lunch, walked through a shopping center of Sibiu and visited the city center and the city hall. There we met our teachers and had a guided tour of Sibiu, which was very interesting even though it was really cold outside (-13°C). The guide told us a lot about the history of the city, showed us the remains of the medieval defense wall and a great theater. After this, we all went home with our exchange partners and met again at the house of another student after dinner.



Tuesday, January 17

On Tuesday we got up at about 8 o'clock and went to school at 9 am. First we played a game to get to know each other better. After that the three representatives of each country worked in a group to find typical attributes of the immigrants coming to our country. Then one of us read them out to the audience while the others were performing a shadow theatre visualising the attributes. A professional actress helped us to develop the play, which we will perform on Friday to the teachers and pupils of the school. The rehearsals were very funny and cool. In the end we got the task to present a shadow to express certain emotions to improve our way of performing. After that we had freetime for the rest of the day. So I went home with my host and we ate something and in the afternoon we took a rest. In the evening other Erasmus people came to our place with their hosts to watch a movie together.

Wednesday, January 18

The third day started with some plays for our shadow theatre on Friday, where every group has to perform something about the migration in their country. We had to change text passages, which were read by one person, into movements. This wasn't easy! After every country had performed it's play, we went to see the village Christian with its very old church built by German settlers. We went up the church tower and had a beautiful view over the village and of the highest mountain in Romania. We also visited the fortified church St. Michael, situated on a hill called Michaelsberg. Then we had a delicious traditional Romanian dinner at Belvedere Restaurant. After the bus took us back to Sibiu, we returned to the host families.

Thursday, January 19

Today I had to be at school at 8 o'clock because my exchange student had to go at his computer class.During the lesson I painted a picture with "paint". At 9 o'clock we met at the festivity hall for some warm-up games and for practicing our shadow play. Then everybody had to write his name on a big piece of paper and the other students could write a short message on a small piece of paper and stick it on the big one. So everybody wrote a goodbye-message for everybody. It was really nice to have so many nice messages. Then we visited a Spanish and Latin lesson. The only problem was that we couldn't understand anything because we can't speak Spanish or Latin. But it was funny anyhow. After we had eaten something at the Select Hotel of our teachers, we went to an indoor climbing hall. It was like climbing in a forest. In the evening, we went to the Shopping City of Sibiu in order to buy some presents and to eat something at KFC.

Friday, January 20

On our last full day we met at 9 o'clock at school to present the things which we had prepared the other days. So first of all we had the final rehearsal of the shadow theatre. Then we had to find a short slogan for a poster on world migration day, which was last Sunday. After that the show started. First the students of the acting class of Romania played a great shadow theatre about immigration in Romania. Then it was our turn to show what we had learnt and prepared during the last three days. We were the first to perform our shadow play about the immigrants of our country and fortunately nothing went wrong. Then it was the turn of the French girls who also gave a great performance. After that the Norvegian girls had to perform and I think they were the best apart from the Romanian acting class. Then the Austrian girls also gave a good performance. The last shadow theatre on immigrants was the second play of the Romanian acting class. After that we presented a little theatre play on where immigrants to Germany came from and why. Then the Austrians showed us a movie about immigration to their country.
For lunch we went to the Select Hotel, where our teachers had been staying for the week. We ate for 20 Lei, which is about 2,40 Euros. In the afternoon we went to the Shopping Mall to buy souvenirs. In the evening there was a big party in the Select Hotel with teachers and students. First there was a great buffet and of course Romanian music to dance. So we celebrated until 10 pm. After that we we were supposed to go to bed because our flight would leave at 6 o'clock the next morning.

Saturday, January 21

On our last day we had to get up at 4 o'clock, because we had to be at the airport at 4:30 am. Our plane left at 6 am and we flew for one and a half hour, so we were at Munich airport at 6:30 (German time) and arrived in Penzberg at about 8:30.
Looking back, it was a very nice and interesting week, but it was very cold.